ACTION 100 Accountability and Instructional Core Model

ACTION 100 is a 12-step Response to Intervention (RtI) school transformation model designed to aggressively transform school cultures for sustainable student achievement. This framework, built on the architecture of the Common Core Standards, jump-starts low-performing schools in their move toward accelerated and continuous reading improvement with high levels of accountability for all stakeholders.

This system delivers these key benefits:

  • Every K–2 student to grade level reading and writing proficiency
  • Every 3rd- through 8th-grade student to gain 30 points on state test
  • Keyed to Common Core State Standards
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12 Steps


Smart School Systems

Establish school wide data feedback loops and social support systems.

Levels Analysis Chart


Educator Efficacy

Ensure educators use documented student progress to measure their success in real time

Instructional Framework


Baseline Reading Levels

Find every student’s baseline reading level using a formative assessment tool built on the Common Core State Standards

IRLA: Independent Reading Level Assessment


School Wide Reading Culture

Require 30 minutes of structured, teacher-coached independent reading in school during the Integrated Literacy Block.


Academically Successful Home Routines

Require 30 minutes of adult monitored reading at home.

Skills Cards

Home Coach Contract


Rigorous Standards-Based Instruction at Grade Level

Ensure teachers use Common Core State Standards to provide high quality, rigorous, grade-level instruction in every classroom via the Integrated Literacy Block.

Literacy Block


Data Dashboards Track Student Growth

Ensure accurate data drives decision making at all levels.


Differentiated Support for Individual Students

Ensure teachers use formative assessment in effective one-on-one conferences, providing differentiated support for students at every reading/writing level.

IRLA: Independent Reading Level Assessment

Conference Notebook


Strategic Interventions

Provide targeted, monitored, effective interventions for struggling students.


Instructional Design Built on the 3 Shifts of CCSS

Ensure teachers institute the 3 Instructional Shifts required by the Common Core State Standards.

3 Shifts


Effective Professional Learning Communities

Hold teacher/administrator Professional Learning Communities responsible for the use of actionable data to continuously improve their practice.


Operating System Alignment

Examine and re-examine all school operating systems for their effectiveness in ensuring that 100% of students are on track for College and Career Readiness.

Instructional Framework

Instructional Framework

The Instructional Framework systematically guides schools to full implementation of research-based best practices in literacy instruction to teach the Common Core State Standards and ensure that all students read, write, and think on grade level or above. The framework includes model units and lessons that scaffold teacher expertise and building-wide systems to ensure the Integrated Literacy Block results in academic success for all. A checklist for each step is included to align practices. All student and parent support materials are included in both English and Spanish.

Instructional Framework
IRLA: Independent Reading Level Assessment Framework

IRLA: Independent Reading Level Assessment Framework

Formative Assessment Built on the Common Core State Standards for Reading

The IRLA is a unified standard-based framework for student assessment, text leveling, curriculum, and instruction. The IRLA ensures that grade level instruction in reading is appropriately rigorous and that differentiated support effectively meets the needs of all students.

The IRLA allows educators to determine a student’s current level of reading proficiency, diagnose areas of strength and weakness, formulate an Action Plan for next steps, and track progress while becoming an expert in reading instruction and the Common Core State Standards. The IRLA includes Cold Reads and questions used to assess student proficiency with the Common Core State Standards as well as Student Practice Pages to reinforce essential skills.

IRLA: Independent Reading Level Assessment Framework


SchoolPace is a web-based student achievement dashboard that allows educators to monitor growth and performance in real-time. With SchoolPace, you’ll have out-of-the-box access to reports including:

  • District Dashboards
  • School Dashboards
  • Classroom Dashboards
  • Growth Reports
  • Performance Reports Based on Custom District, School, and Grade-Level Targets

Learn more about SchoolPace.

Reading Skills Cards

Reading Skills Cards

Identify what a student needs to know and be able to do at each reading level

Written in student and parent friendly language, the Reading Skills Cards travel between school and home daily providing guidelines for teachers, parents and students as to the skills and strategies (standards) that must be mastered at each level. Comprehension questions are keyed to the higher order thinking skills required by high stakes tests.

100 Book Challenge Smart Start modules include cards reflecting the reading levels of your students.

Reading Skills Cards
Skills Cards (2R)
Skills Cards (2R)
Reading Skills Cards for Or Level (Fifth Grade)
Reading Skills Cards for Or Level (Fifth Grade)
On-Target Badge

On-Target Badge

Each 15 minutes of reading practice counts as one Step. Students are expected to read for a minimum of 800 Steps per year. Teachers, administrators, and office staff, wear the weekly target number of Reading Steps around their necks. This simple gesture makes it clear that every student in the school is expected to do enough reading practice every day to get good at it. It is soon very clear which students in the school are not getting enough reading practice in time to do something about it.

On-Target Badge
Conference Notebook

Conference Notebook

The Conference Notebook is the heart of the 100 Book Challenge standards-based formative assessment system. The teacher maintains a standards-based assessment/coaching guide appropriate to that student’s current level of reading proficiency. Teachers learn to assess, diagnose, and instruct each student using a standards-based formative assessment framework while the student reads books he or she has chosen and wants to read.

Student progress is monitored, coached, and documented as they increase their mastery of the reading standards required by state testing. All instruction is differentiated to match individual student needs and interests. Teachers learn to be diagnosticians, expert coaches, and reading friends to their students. The Conference Notebook supports both student and teacher learning through daily classroom practice.

Conference Notebook
Action 100 Professional Development

Action 100 Professional Development

Action 100 includes 30 professional development sessions throughout the school year.

Step-by-Step Professional Development

  • Principals learn to be instructional leaders.
  • Teachers learn to be reading specialists.
  • Parents learn to be home coaches.
  • Students learn to be readers.

Action 100 Professional Development

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