Professional Development

Your Success is Our Success

American Reading Company Executive Coaches work with school- and district-level Leadership Teams early and often to ensure that achievement targets are met.

All ARC professional development is structured around a gradual release model, starting out with a workshop, moving into grade group meetings, then into “fishbowl” demonstration lessons, and finally into 1:1 support, as needed.

This model is implemented during the academic school day and year. It transforms school culture for sustainable student achievement, and positions and supports the principal as the head learner and instructional leader. American Reading Company provides district and school leaders with the tools and support they need as they:

  • Establish academic rigor and differentiated support;
  • Organize all stakeholders around critical evidence of student learning;
  • Manage a process of systemic change to improve instructional effectiveness.


Comprehensive Operating System for School Transformation

ACTION 100 is American Reading Company’s most comprehensive intervention program, with a 12-step professional development initiative to ensure the success of all schools and student subgroups. Teacher and administrator learning is front-loaded early so that ACTION 100 is fully and effectively implemented from the first day of school.

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Get Every Student to Proficient in Reading

100 BOOK CHALLENGE begins with a comprehensive, interactive, hands-on introduction to the program. Where possible, we include in-class demonstrations with your students. Support continues with several types of teacher coaching visits, each focusing on a different important aspect of program implementation.

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Reading, Writing, and Research Across the Content Areas

Professional development for RESEARCH LABS teaches teachers and administrators how to use the full range of thematic materials to turn each classroom into an active learning laboratory. Participants learn how to use extensive nonfiction thematic book collections and support material to conduct thematic investigations that build students’ vocabulary, background knowledge, and skills in reading, writing, researching, and publishing.

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Five-Day Professional Development Module

Teachers increase their instructional effectiveness as they implement the CCSS three instructional shifts. With highly scaffolded modeling and guided practice, teachers learn to integrate the Common Core State Standards into their daily classroom practice.

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