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Current Issue

College Success

May 9, 2018

Featured Articles:

  • Are High Schools Adequately Praparing Teens for College?
  • College Success Awards Report
  • Being the Change: Lessons and Strategies to Teach Social Comprehension
  • What Makes Difficult History Difficult?

Previous Issues

Writing Instruction

April 25, 2018

Featured Articles:

  • Giving Kids the Right Kind of Writing Practice
  • Demystifying Writing, Transforming Education
  • Micro-Writing for English Learners
  • Moving from Telling Our Stories to Inviting Stories

The Impact of Leadership

April 11, 2018

Featured Articles:

  • ESSA Leverage Points
  • How Can School Leaders Maximize the Impact of Teacher Leadership?
  • Building a Better Principalship
  • The Promise of Partnership

Organizing for Improvement

March 29, 2018

Featured Articles:

  • Learning Our Way Into Better Education Systems
  • The Power of Collective Wisdom
  • How to Launch a Production Network
  • Building the Capacity for Districts to Continuously Improve

Every Child, Every Day

March 14, 2018

Featured Articles:

  • Creating Classroom Cultures That Foster Reading Motivation
  • Becoming a Classroom of Readers
  • The Impact of Trade Books on Reading Achievement
  • Kids & Family Reading Report

Putting Reading and Inquiry at the Core of Curriculum to Apprentice Students to Greater Competence and Joy!

February 28, 2018

Featured Articles:

  • Talking in Class
  • Honing Students' Speaking Skills
  • Speaking of Speaking
  • Debate: Where Speaking and Listening Come First

Focus on Feedback

February 14, 2018

Featured Articles:

  • Deeper Learning Means Educational Equity in Urban Schools
  • Talking Race in the Suburbs
  • The Secret to Effective Feedback
  • Using Feedback to Promote Learning

The Science of Learning

January 31, 2018

Featured Articles:

  • The Science of Learning
  • Teachers as Self- and Co-Regulating Learners
  • Why Mistakes Matter in Creating a Path for Learning
  • A New Path for School Integration

Why We Shouldn't Shield Children From Darkness

January 17, 2018

Featured Articles:

  • Why We Shouldn't Shield Children From Darkness
  • Why Children's Books Should Be a Little Sad
  • Can Schools Meet the Promise of Continuous Improvement?
  • It Takes a Village: Maximizing the Power of Industry & Community Partners in PBL

ARC Brief: Happy New Year!

January 3, 2018

Featured Articles:

  • U.S. Education in 2017 in 10 Charts
  • What a Real High-Performing School Looks Like
  • Printing Still Matters—Especially for Students
  • Maximizing Your Feedback's Impact

Grading Practices

December 13, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • The Elementary Principal's Guide to Choosing & Evaluating a Literacy
  • U.S. Ranks No. 13 in New Collaborative Problem-Solving Test
  • Seven Reasons for Standards-Based Grading
  • Evaluation Within Project-Based Learning

Understanding the Importance of Transformative Leadership

November 15, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • Race for Results: Building a Path of Opportunity for All Children
  • Learning to Lead for Racial Equity
  • When Testing Takes Over
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain

Inquiry Through Apprenticeship

November 1, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • In Elementary School Science, What's at Stake When We Call an 'Argument' an 'Opinion'?
  • Video: Next Generation Science Standards for English Language Learners
  • What is Inquiry Through Apprenticeship and Why Should We Teach This Way?

Executive Function

October 18, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • Study: Too Many Structured Activities May Hinder Children's Executive Functioning
  • Inviting Uncertainty into the Classroom
  • Reject the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations, Don't be a Party to it

Rewiring the Brain

October 4, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • Early Reading to Rewire the Brain
  • Why Is the Read-Aloud a Life-Changing Form of Civic Learning?
  • Moving Readers From Struggling to Proficient

Meet Them Where They Are: Creating Inclusive Classroom Cultures

September 20, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • Integrating Social and Emotional Development and College- and Career-Readiness Standards
  • Best Practices for Serving English Language Learners and Their Families
  • Translanguaging: Practice Briefs for Educators

Friday is "World Literacy Day", how will you celebrate?

September 6, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • Academic Achievement Isn’t the Only Mission
  • How Project-Based Learning Guides Students Into Holistic Learning
  • 8 Things to Look For in a Student-Centered Learning Environment

Citizenship First, Then College and Career Ready

August 23, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • Standing Up to Hatred and Tolerance
  • Characteristics of Culturally Sustaining and Academically Rigorous Classrooms
  • How to Foster Humanity as Teachers in the Wake of Charlottesville

Together, Let's Create a Culture of Literacy

August 9, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • The Effective Principals
  • What to Do in Week One? How to Open the Door to a Successful Teaching-Learning Dynamic
  • Restoring Humanity to Teaching, and Delight to Our Classrooms

School Improvement Starts at the Top

July 26, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • "But What Can I Do?" Fifteen Things Educators Can Do to Transform Themselves In/Through/With Education
  • Literacy Through Conscientization
  • Ways to 'Launch a Successful Year With Students'

The Advantages of Project-Based Learning

June 27, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • Projects That Have Been Put to the Test
  • Preaching the Value of Social Studies, in a Second Career
  • Investigating the Effects of Culturally Relevant Texts on African American Struggling Readers' Progress

Inquiry Through Apprenticeship: The Power of Deep Learning

June 15, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • Teaching for Meaningful Learning
  • How to Be a Global Thinker
  • Why the "Best" Public Schools often Struggle with Deeper Learning

Summer Is Rapidly Approaching—In Case You Missed This Special Edition

May 17, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • One Equally Effective but Lower-Cost Option to Summer School
  • Won't Read Much if I Don’t Have Any Books: Poverty, Access to Books, and the Rich/Poor Reading Achievement Gap
  • Key Facts About Summer Reading

Be a Strategic Leader in Education

May 3, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • 3 Takeaways for Education from the Teacher & Principal School Report: Focus on Literacy
  • Equity and ESSA: Leveraging Education Opportunity Through the Every Student Succeeds Act
  • Talking About Race in Mostly White Schools

Special Edition: Get Ahead of Summer Reading Loss

April 19, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • One Equally Effective but Lower-Cost Option to Summer School
  • Won’t Read Much if I Don’t Have Any Books: Poverty, Access to Books, and the Rich/Poor Reading Achievement Gap
  • Key Facts About Summer Reading

Spring Cleaning: Time to Refocus, Reorganize, and Rethink Our Classroom Culture

April 5, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • Culture is Everything in Schools
  • How Can Middle Schools Best Organize to Help Young Adolescents Thrive?
  • "7 Strengths" Supports Emotional and Social Learning

The Science Behind Success

March 22, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • Why Can't Teachers Make Decisions on Their Own?
  • How Diversity Makes Us Smarter
  • Want to Fix Schools? Go to the Principal's Office

Bold Ways to Reimagine Your School Day

March 8, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • What We Need in Education is More Integrity (and Less Fidelity) of Implementation
  • Optimism Stronger Than Fear
  • Reimagining the School Day

How Are You Teaching Your Students to Be Engaged Citizens?

February 15, 2017

Featured Articles:

  • Betsy DeVos to State Chiefs: Full Speed Ahead on the Every Student Succeeds Act
  • Teach Students Resilience, Empathy, and More with Social Emotional Learning Strategies
  • Lessons from—and for—Black History Month

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