Correlations With Other Leveling Systems

American Reading Company levels are independent reading levels. A reader’s color level is the highest grade level he or she can read, understand, and enjoy without any help.

The independent level is not the level at which a student reads challenge-free. It is the level at which students can successfully manage the challenges they encounter on their own.

Guided Reading and other instructional levels assume a teacher is there to introduce the book and provide some help where needed. However, the following correlations may be useful.

IRLA: Independent Reading Level Assessment®

The IRLA provides comprehensive details about each reading level in American Reading Company’s leveling system. Learn more »

Grade IRLA© Current Lexile™ Band “Stretch” Lexile™ Band Guided Reading (Fountas & Pinnell) DRA® (Joetta Beaver) Reading Recovery® Accelerated Reader™ (ATOS)

1-3Y Yellow

1G 1 Green

A - D A–2 A, B, 1, 2, 3

2G 2 Green

1B 1 Blue

2B 2 Blue

D–J 3–16 4–16

1R 1-Red

2R 2-Red

450L–725L 420L–820L J–M 18–28 17–20 2.75 –5.14

Wt White

M–P 30–38 21–24

Bk Black

645L–845L 740L–1010L P–S 40 25–26 4.97–7.03

Or Orange

S–V 50 27–28

Pu Purple

860L–1010L 925L–1185L V–Y 60 29–30 7.00–9.98

1Br 1-Bronze

2Br 2-Bronze

Y–Z 70 31–44

Si Silver

960L–1115L 1050L–1335L 9.67–12.01

Gl Gold

1070L–1220L 1185L–1385L 11.20–14.10

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