ENIL: Evaluación del nivel independiente de lectura

Authentic Spanish Reading Assessment & Instruction

American Reading Company's Evaluación del nivel independiente de lectura (ENIL) is a game-changing formative assessment for reading that transforms the daily behaviors of teachers, students, and administrators.

The ENIL is built on the linguistic features-phonological, morphosyntactic, and semantic-authentic to Spanish. This assessment is responsive to the way these features shape the acquisition of literacy skills in Spanish in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. ENIL is suited for the assessment of both reader proficiency and text complexity in Spanish.

Available for Common Core State Standards and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.


Grade 1 Demo

Grade 2 Demo

Grade 6 Demo

How It Works

The ENIL is not intended to limit what students read. Rather, the ENIL's reading taxonomy simplifies the complexity of the reading process, allowing teachers to support every reader, with whatever books that reader chooses.

Our approach asks teachers to start with what each child CAN do. Teachers identify the one essential skill/standard that student needs to move reading levels, help him learn it, and repeat in a relentless march toward grade level and beyond. Teachers know their students, students know themselves, and teachers and students are partners in the learning process.

The ENIL allows you to track progress in real time. Each standard has been assigned a point value relative to the amount of time it should take a student to acquire that skill or concept. In each formative assessment conference, teachers score students on any standards they have mastered, allowing teachers and schools to track rate of reading growth for every student. SchoolPace allows teachers and administrators to track the reading growth of students in both English and Spanish.

Our expert library designers have collected every book in Spanish for K-12 from US as well as international publishers. We’ve leveled each book on our native-Spanish leveling system, built on the way children learn how to read in Spanish. Books in every collection wear a brightly colored sticker identifying their placement within the ENIL's color-coded leveling system. We have catalogued the age and ethnicity of the main character, the genre, the topic, and if the title was originally written in Spanish or is a translation. If the title was translated into Spanish, we’ve evaluated the quality of that translation. Only the finest translations are included in our collections.

Watch our video to learn more about ARC's leveled libraries.

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