ENIL: Evaluación del nivel independiente de lectura

American Reading Company offers a unified, standards-based framework for student assessment and instruction, text leveling, and curriculum for students learning to read and write in Spanish.

Spanish Leveling System

Common Core State Standards for Reading


Not a mere translation of our standards-based Independent Reading Level Assessment (IRLA), the ENIL reflects the developmental sequence for reading acquisition in Spanish and provides one system that levels both students and books, and also assesses students' phonemic awareness, phonics skills, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension—all in Spanish.

Comprehension: Literature & Informational Text

  • Active Reading Strategies
  • Key Ideas and Details: Basic understanding
  • Craft and Structure: Vocabulary, Text Organization, Literary Elements
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas: Compare/Contrast, Analyze, Synthesize, Evaluate

Foundational Skills: Reading Standards K–5

  • Print Concepts
  • Sequential Phonics/Decoding Skills
  • Word Recognition (Power Words and Tricky Words)
  • Fluency and Self-Monitoring

Range of Reading & Level of Text Complexity

  • Engagement and Independence
  • Home Reading Routines
  • Reading Across Genres

Vocabulary: Language Standards 2–12

  • Word Recognition
  • Literary and Technical Vocabulary
  • Word Structures and Etymology
  • Figurative Language
  • Domain-Specific Information

ENIL Starter Kit

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