One Red (1R)

What is a 1R Reader?

Decode Three-Syllable Words

1R readers are able to sit for 30 minutes and enjoy one long picture book. Their focus is not on decoding, but on the content of the book. They are enjoying traditional tales, silly stories, poetry, and informational text. They should be given the opportunity to read picture books that come in series (e.g., Clifford, Arthur, Amelia Bedelia, Berenstain Bears). Picture books with the same characters and similar plot elements prepare 1R readers for the move into chapter books at 2R. As decoding 1R text becomes easier, silent reading will become the preferred mode. Allow students to spend enough time enjoying and engaging at the 1R level before moving them into the longer and more complicated books at the 2R level.

Key Common Core State Standards

Foundational Skills
Know spelling-sound correspondences for additional common vowel teams (e.g., ew, oy, oi, ought).
Decode words with common suffixes (-y, -ly, -ier, -iest).

Major Characteristics of a 1R Book

Picture books written with simple, regular three-syllable words, two-syllable words with vowel digraphs, and three-letter consonant blends.

Formative Assessment for Teaching and Learning

The IRLA includes every Common Core State Standard for Reading, both in literature and informational text, as well as those Language standards key to reading success

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