Two Blue (2B)

What is a 2B Reader?

2B readers know to look for the known inside the unknown. They have their fingers on the text, covering up beginnings and endings of unfamiliar words, looking for chunks, vowel patterns, endings, and little words inside bigger words, as they successfully figure out the two-syllable words common to 2B text. 2B books begin to include narratives with some characterization and simple plots. Be careful, because 2B is the first level in which readers may be able to decode without following the meaning of the text. Be sure to check comprehension carefully. Don’t allow students who are working too hard on decoding to move into 1R. Make sure students learn to be fully engaged with the message of 2B books. Catch them laughing at the stories, not just figuring out what the words say, before moving them into 1R.

Key Common Core State Standards

Foundational Skills
Decode 2-syllable words following basic patterns by breaking the words into syllables.
Read words with inflectional endings (-ed, -er, -ing, -es, -y, -le, -est)
Recognize and read 2B irregularly spelled words.

Major Characteristics of a 2B Book

Beginning readers in bookstores and libraries. Basic sight vocabulary (500 sight words). Uses simple two-syllable words (compound words, endings, basic vowel patterns).

Formative Assessment for Teaching and Learning

The IRLA includes every Common Core State Standard for Reading, both in literature and informational text, as well as those Language standards key to reading success

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