Read to Me (RTM)

What is an RTM Reader?

Readers at the Read-to-Me level must learn to LOVE books. They need to learn how books work and why people enjoy reading them. They learn to enjoy sitting by themselves and pointing to the words in picture books as they “pretend read” the books to themselves. RTM students need to experience thousands of books shared in enjoyable settings in preparation for learning to read. There is no shortcut to the vocabulary, background knowledge, language experience, reading identity, attention span, genre exposure, and phonemic awareness that come through being read to, one-on-one, for the 2,000 hours that is typical of the successful readiness reader. Organize your daily schedule and recruit helpers (adults and older students) to make sure every RTM student falls in love with books and becomes a 500-Book Kid.

RTM Learning Focus

Interactive Language:
Using language to explore, negotiate, and express ideas, opinions, and feelings.
Create narratives to help structure and explain daily activities.
Active Listening to Read-Aloud:
Listen and respond to books read aloud.

Major Characteristics of an RTM Book

Any book that the child loves is appropriate. Engaging pictures. Simple story lines. Informative nonfiction.

Skills Cards and Example Title

Formative Assessment for Teaching and Learning

The IRLA includes every Common Core State Standard for Reading, both in literature and informational text, as well as those Language standards key to reading success

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