Lovely County Citizen

ES superintendent reports successful school year

May 16, 2019, Lovely County Citizen

Superintendent Bryan Pruitt said the Eureka Springs School District had an excellent school year and even experienced some growth.

The Valley Breeze

Pawtucket’s $1 million reading program paying off in a big way

April 2, 2019, The Valley Breeze

A major investment in a new reading program this year has brought instant results, say school staff members, engaging students in new ways and improving reading comprehension beyond expectations.

Sandusky Register

Murals encourage students to read

February 20, 2019, Sandusky Register

Just before Christmas, Monroeville Elementary art teacher Brandi Goodwin started painting a mural with snow-capped mountains and an eagle, the school district’s mascot, soaring above the landscape.

The Advocate

Pointe Coupee school seeing jump in proficiency with buddy literacy program

February 18, 2019, The Advocate

Kindergartners’ crayon-crafted drawings of spiders in their webs are accompanied by fully formed sentences. The letters are big and sometimes backward, but the intent is there: “The spider makes a web to catch flies,” one wrote.

Lovely County Citizen

ES schools look ahead to exams, new opportunities in spring semester

January 10, 2019, Lovely County Citizen

The Eureka Springs School District is back in session, working to prepare students for exams and provide new opportunities in the spring semester of the 2018-19 school year.

News 12 Westchester

Yonkers senior learns English and publishes book in same year

January 10, 2019, News 12 Westchester

A year ago she didn't speak any English, and now at just 16, a Yonkers student is a published author.


American Reading Company Host Literacy Summit

December 13, 2018, KALB

Leaders from 15 parishes that have adopted the ARC program attended a leader’s conference on Thursday evening to learn more about how they can improve the knowledge of their students.

The Valley Breeze

Pawtucket Schools More Secure Heading into 2018-2019

August 30, 2018, The Valley Breeze

When city students return to school next Wednesday, Aug. 29, many will notice a number of safety and security upgrades.

Lovely County Citizen

Creating Critical Readers: ES School District Starts 2018-19 Year with New Curriculum

August 2, 2018, Lovely County Citizen

The Eureka Springs School District is turning a new page this year, introducing the American Reading Company (ARC) Literacy Lab curriculum to grades K-8.

Cambridge News & Deerfield Independent

School District Applies for State Security Upgrade Funds

June 20, 2018, Cambridge News & Deerfield Independent

The Deerfield School District has applied for $59,853 worth of grants through the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s 2018 School Safety Initiative.

American Reading Company

H.O. Brittingham Elementary Receives Award from Delaware Department of Education for Improving Test Scores

February 2, 2018, American Reading Company

Cape Henlopen School District (CHSD) in Delaware took on a brand new literacy initiative across all their elementary schools in response to the Every Student Succeeds ACT (ESSA).

American Reading Company

Literacy 2020

February 2, 2018, American Reading Company

As part of their 2020 Literacy Initiative, Burnett ISD created this video to highlight the student successes and reading culture spreading throughout their schools.

Cape Gazette

New Curriculum Spells Success

January 30, 2018, Cape Gazette

At H.O. Brittingham Elementary, a major improvement on state tests basically comes down to more reading.

American Reading Company

Getting the Most from Assessment

October 19, 2017, American Reading Company

Fourth Grade Teacher Catherine Crenshaw from Beaverton, Oregon wrote a fantastic article about building targeted and data-informed instruction using the IRLA Formative Assessment Framework in her classroom

American Reading Company

Breaking News from 100 Book Challenge School in Wyoming

September 6, 2017, American Reading Company

Among those schools making dramatic improvements were Hillcrest Elementary and Rawhide Elementary, both with large at-risk student populations. Both schools moved from not meeting expectations a year ago to partially meeting expectations, Hornby said.

Chinle Unified School District

Navajo Community Makes Summer Reading a Priority

June 22, 2017, Chinle Unified School District

Tsaile Elementary in Chinle Unified School District is making sure their students continue to read over the summer.

EducationTechnology Insights

10 Hottest K12 Solution Providers - 2017

March 15, 2017, EducationTechnology Insights

American Reading Company

Flat Stanley Makes an Appearance at American Reading Company

February 7, 2017, American Reading Company


New Windsor summer school program helps elementary schoolers learn to read

July 26, 2016, WindsorNow!

New Windsor summer school program helps elementary schoolers learn to read

American Reading Company

Heartwarming Results From California, MD

July 20, 2016, American Reading Company

This customer testimonial came into our inbox recently, and we can't help but share this parent's excitement and pride for her budding readers!

Valley Morning Star

Budding Authors in Texas

July 5, 2016, Valley Morning Star

San Benito CISD has successfully implemented American Reading Company's Summer Semester, helping students to read like detectives and write like reporters--skills that improve academic vocabulary, background knowledge, and test preparedness and...

Ken-Ton Bee

Update reveals increase in reading levels

June 29, 2016, Ken-Ton Bee

At the June 14 meeting of the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda School Board, an update was given on the American Reading program.

American Reading Company

Dr. Anne McGill-Franzen and Dr. Richard Allington Partner With American Reading Company for Summer Reading Loss Study

June 20, 2016, American Reading Company

Dr. Anne McGill-Franzen and Dr. Richard Allington selected American Reading Company (ARC) to provide books for their Summer Slide replication study. McGill-Franzen and Allington’s previous longitudinal study in Jacksonville, Florida, proved that giving st

American Reading Company

ARC National Sales Conference 2016

June 10, 2016, American Reading Company

Twice a year, American Reading Company Account Managers and Directors of Academic Support come together to learn what our partner school districts are struggling with and share best practices for the upcoming school year.

The News Eagle

School District takes new look at reading

June 7, 2016, The News Eagle

A new reading program is being implemented in the elementary grades at Wallenpaupack to counter a nationwide dilemma in inspiring children to read.

Beaverton School District

Beaverton Makes Shift, Sees Success

May 20, 2016, Beaverton School District

American Reading Company Executive Coaches recently worked elbow-to-elbow with all elementary teachers in Beaverton, Oregon, to guide them in a shift in how teachers teach reading; instead of teaching a whole class from a prescribed text, they are...

American Reading Company

As Districts Are Looking for Spanish Parity, American Reading Company Releases a Comprehensive Spanish Curriculum for K-5

May 16, 2016, American Reading Company

American Reading Company is proud to announce its Comprehensive Core Curriculum, K-5, in Spanish.

High Point Enterprise

Literacy and equality

May 4, 2016, High Point Enterprise

T.W. Andrews High School English teacher Toi Jackson said her students are enjoying what they’re reading for the first time in the eight years she’s been teaching.

St Augustine Record

Students at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind learn that reading is fun!

May 2, 2016, St Augustine Record

Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind turned to American Reading Company's Leveling System, which maps out the reading field for both books and readers, to sort books for its annual Reading Is Fun program.

American Reading Company

Entrepreneurial Students Visit American Reading Company for Business Building Insight

April 20, 2016, American Reading Company

Memphis Street Academy’s Eighth Grade students took a short bus ride from their Philadelphia charter school to King of Prussia to visit American Reading Company (ARC).

Forks Forum

Bright Spot: Forks Elementary School Shines

March 25, 2016, Forks Forum

We were so thrilled with how well the readers at Forks Elementary School in Washington state were doing that we flew across the country to get it on tape; their implementation of Research Labs will...

Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda UFSD

Congratulations to Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Student Shyun Aung

February 26, 2016, Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda UFSD

Exciting news from our partner district Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda (KTUFSD), in New York. Shyun Aung has read nearly 200 hours so far this school year.

The Philadelphia Tribune

Cayuga prepares students for next level

February 5, 2016, The Philadelphia Tribune

At Cayuga Elementary School in Philadelphia, American Reading Company's 100 Book Challenge and an early literacy specialist from the Children’s Literacy Initiative are two of the supports in place this year as the school pursues the best balanced...

American Reading Company

Learn to Read with Training Wheels Series: Now available at Barnes & Noble

October 12, 2015, American Reading Company

American Reading Company Training Wheels Series is now available in Barnes & Noble stores across the country and bn.

CBS Philly

Philadelphia Public Schools Receive Thousands of New Books for New School Year

September 3, 2015, CBS Philly

American Reading Company, in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia, has created custom leveled libraries to enhance the district’s first-semester ELA instruction.

Arizona Lithographers

ARC Press Authors Visit Printing Partner AZ Litho

August 25, 2015, Arizona Lithographers

ARC Press, American Reading Company’s emergent reader publishing arm, had a unique opportunity this week to do a press check on site at AZ Litho...

American Reading Company

ARC Press Visits Student Authors at READ! By 4th Back to School Jumpstart Camp

August 24, 2015, American Reading Company

In an ongoing partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia, American Reading Company (ARC) was excited to have three of their authors visit and speak with the Back to School Jumpstart Campers on August 24th.

American Reading Company

Books Chosen By Teens for Teens!

August 12, 2015, American Reading Company

The Notebook
American Reading Company
Huffington Post
Shore News Today
My Central Jersey

Daphne Tobal Reaches 100 Book Challenge Goal!

June 22, 2015, My Central Jersey

American Reading Company

ACTION 100 Ceremony for First Graders at St Lucie Elementary

June 3, 2015, American Reading Company

ACTION 100 scholars at St. Lucie Elementary School in Florida are on the move!

American Reading Company

Endangered Lions by Daniel Hernández

March 5, 2015, American Reading Company

American Reading Company

Memphis Street Academy Charter School Achieves Noteworthy Gains in 2014 PA School Performance Profile Score

November 18, 2014, American Reading Company

Memphis Street Academy Charter School is being hailed for posting one of the largest increases in the greater Philadelphia area, notching a nearly 20-point jump in their annual Pennsylvania School Performance Profile score.

American Reading Company

Increase in Reading Proficiency for Title 1 and ESL Students

August 4, 2014, American Reading Company

Somerville Middle School implemented 100 BOOK CHALLENGE as part of their Morning Reading Program for Title I students in Grades 6–8.

American Reading Company

24 ARC Press Titles Selected as Spanish Common Core Exemplars

July 22, 2014, American Reading Company

24 Spanish titles are now part of the Common Core Exemplar Literature and Informational Texts recommended by the team of experts and educators responsible for the Common Core en español initiative.

ABC 6 News

Chester Upland Students Make Giant Strides in Reading

May 22, 2014, ABC 6 News

This is news that can’t go unnoticed: Kindergarten students in Pennsylvania’s Chester Upland School District have improved in reading readiness by 900%! Elementary students overall have improved by 380%!

Gettysburg Times

Rolling Acres Readers Take On Book Challenge

March 18, 2014, Gettysburg Times

The teachers and students at this Pennsylvania elementary school give great descriptions of their experience with 100 BOOK CHALLENGE. Reading momentum is building quickly at Rolling Acres!

American Reading Company

Student Drivers in Kindergarten

January 13, 2014, American Reading Company

One of our Kindergartners transferred to a school in Kentucky in October. When she arrived at her school, her mom said she asked her new teacher...

Submit 123 PR

StarWalk Kids Media eBooks Win QED Seal of Approval

December 18, 2013, Submit 123 PR

American Reading Company is currently working with several publishers to build a digital book platform, leveled and organized using the IRLA, our Common Core State Standards based leveling system.

U.S. Department of Education

Bridgeton Public Schools Implements Year 2 of Their Innovative Approaches to Literacy Grant

December 11, 2013, U.S. Department of Education

Bridgeton Public Schools, New Jersey, recipient of one of 46 first-time grants in 21 states, was awarded the Innovative Approaches to Literacy Grant from the Department of Education to support “high-quality programs designed to develop and improve...

American Reading Company

Bringing It All Together: Family Literacy Night and ARC HQ Tour Give Kids a Fun Look at Reading From Every Angle

December 3, 2013, American Reading Company

Author Gee Johnson recently joined Dr. Stephen Peters and the students, parents, and staff at Global Leadership Academy in Philadelphia for their Family Literacy Night.

Rochester Elementary Schools Implement New Literacy Program

November 23, 2013,

Elementary schools in Rochester, Minnesota, are seeing substantial reading success with ACTION 100.

Westmoreland News

8-year-old in Oak Grove writes book to be published

November 22, 2013, Westmoreland News

Third-grader Mya Outlaw of Placid Bay, Virginia, researched, wrote, and illustrated her book A Ladybug’s Life as part of her RESEARCH LABS final project at Washington District Elementary School.

Education Week

EdWeek Spotlight

October 29, 2013, Education Week

American Reading Company shares a BIG IDEA about how schools can beat the odds with the wrap cover of Education Week, the education field’s premier weekly news

Souderton Charter School Collaborative

Souderton Charter School Collaborative Recognized by U.S. Secretary of Education as a 2013 National Blue Ribbon School

September 25, 2013, Souderton Charter School Collaborative

For more than a decade, SCSC has used American Reading Company’s frameworks as part of their successful operating system for literacy; within a short time after implementation of 100 BOOK CHALLENGE and ...

Oregon Live

Bright Futures in the Golden West

September 9, 2013, Oregon Live

This year, Reynolds School District in Oregon is implementing a promising new literacy strategy that includes American Reading Company’s Independent Reading Level Assessment (IRLA) and professional development.

Chicago Tribune

One for the Books!

September 6, 2013, Chicago Tribune

It’s a record-breaker: THREE students from Hadley Junior High School in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, have been selected to be American Reading Company’s newest published authors!

Baltimore City Public Schools

SUMMER SEMESTER a Success in Baltimore City Schools

August 27, 2013, Baltimore City Public Schools

Baltimore City K–3 students dove into reading this summer in the Summer Jump: Read to Succeed program using American Reading Company’s SUMMER SEMESTER intensive reading framework.

U.S. Department of Education
The Ledger

School Year Starts With Passion and Purpose in Polk County, Florida

August 5, 2013, The Ledger

In an exceptional daylong leadership academy for more than 300 principals and other administrators, Polk County, FL, Superintendent of Schools Kathryn LeRoy employed numerous hard-hitting strategies for energizing her colleagues as the 2013-2014

Philadelphia City Paper

Erase to the Top?

July 22, 2013, Philadelphia City Paper

Here’s a troubling article positing that cheating scandals and near-scandals have unfortunately spread to school districts nationwide as teachers are increasingly blamed for the poor academic performance of students.

International Reading Association

IRA and American Reading Company Present Common Core Seminar

June 26, 2013, International Reading Association

The International Reading Association recently teamed with ARC to host noted author and educator Stephen G. Peters in a seminar for school administrators in Newark, Delaware.

Seattle Public School

One Book Leads to Another

June 25, 2013, Seattle Public School

Pasco County Schools
Fox 47
American Reading Company

A peek into our inbox. We love feedback!

May 9, 2013, American Reading Company

Education Week

EdWeek Spotlight

April 24, 2013, Education Week

American Reading Company sounds the alarm about a national education issue with the wrap cover of Education Week, the education field’s premier weekly newspaper.

The Washington Post

Schools Demanding News Literacy

April 24, 2013, The Washington Post

The Reading Teacher

Close Reading in Elementary Schools

April 22, 2013, The Reading Teacher

American Reading Company
Kickin' it in Kindergarten

A Teacher’s Gift

April 18, 2013, Kickin' it in Kindergarten

American Reading Company

Take Your Bookshelf With You!

April 9, 2013, American Reading Company

Our recently released Bookshelf app makes it fun and easy for parents and kids to read together.

American Reading Company

Former K/1 Teacher Gives Stamp of Approval

April 8, 2013, American Reading Company

We recently had the pleasure of assisting a mom who is enthusiastic about ensuring her son is surrounded by books he loves and can read. They’ve been exploring our eBooks together with great success!

American Reading Company

ARC Press Author Gee Johnson Visits Cramer College Preparatory Lab School in Camden, NJ

March 21, 2013, American Reading Company

What’s your newest favorite book? Imagine the author coming and reading it with you and your friends—what a fun way to enjoy a good read together!

Union Daily Times

Buffalo Elementary School students recognized for 100 Book Challenge

March 20, 2013, Union Daily Times

Buffalo Elementary School in Union, SC, celebrated their youngest 100 BOOK CHALLENGE readers this week! At Buffalo and across the country at all 100BC schools, students read 30 minutes in school and 30 minutes at home.

American Reading Company

Oh! The Readers You’ll Grow.

March 12, 2013, American Reading Company

We know that the earlier children are introduced to books, the better off they will be when they begin formal schooling.

Education Week
Union Daily Times
Baltimore County Public Schools

What Did These New Maryland Blue Ribbon Schools Have in Common?

December 21, 2012, Baltimore County Public Schools

Signs of Reading Success in Burlington, NC

December 19, 2012,

American Reading Company

Academic Advisory Board visits American Reading Company

December 18, 2012, American Reading Company

Chatfield News
I'm a full time mummy

Product Review - American Reading at Home

November 30, 2012, I'm a full time mummy

If you’re like most parents visiting our site, you have questions you’d like to ask fellow caregivers: How do I introduce my child to reading? What if they don’t yet recognize the alphabet? What is the American Reading at Home experience really like?


From Skeptic to Enthusiast: American Reading at Home

November 13, 2012, Parenting

American Reading at Home was featured in’s Class Notes blog today; the post’s author, a passionate supporter of literacy, went from skeptic to supporter over the course of her research.

The Post Bulletin

Pinewood Turns Over a New Leaf

October 25, 2012, The Post Bulletin

Chatfield Elementary kicks off new reading program

September 26, 2012,

Last night in Minnesota, Chatfield Elementary School kicked off the 100 BOOK CHALLENGE with a full house of visiting authors, the high school football team, and students’ families.


NBC News Education Nation Summit 2012

September 24, 2012, NBC NEWS

The big story this week: NBC's Education Nation —a series of special reports, programming, and live events being aired and posted by NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC, and Telemundo

Education Week

New Studies Dissect School Turnarounds―ACTION 100 Addresses Every Key Element Found in Successful Improvement

September 20, 2012, Education Week

Today in EdWeek: The Institute of Education Sciences’ Turning Around Low-Performing Schools project pinpoints an interplay of strategies seen as key in turnarounds of chronically low-performing schools and offers recommendations for building momentum.

American Reading Company

Books Without Borders

July 10, 2012, American Reading Company

For years, the AMETEK Foundation and American Reading Company have joined forces in several U.S. schools to create a culture of reading

The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

Camden, NJ, recognized for early literacy solutions

June 13, 2012, The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

Camden, New Jersey, has been honored as a Community Solutions PaceSetter by The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading―one of just 25 cities and counties across the country to be so designated.

Hometown News

Village Green Environmental Studies School in Florida makes honor roll for literacy goals.

June 13, 2012, Hometown News

Village Green Environmental Studies School in Port St. Lucie, Florida, has been designated an American Reading Honor School after just one year using American Reading Company’s ACTION 100 School Transformation program.

Rochester Public Schools

American Reading Company’s Action 100 helps Pinewood Elementary achieve top rating.

May 22, 2012, Rochester Public Schools

In February, Minnesota's No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver request was approved by the U.S. Department of Education. As a result of this waiver approval, Minnesota is now transitioning to a new system of school recognition, accountability, and support.

American Reading Company

100 Book Challenge Rap Song by Graedon Zorzi and Elliott Garland

March 14, 2012, American Reading Company

We’re hearing the message loud and clear from the students we see every day across the country: It’s cool to be a reader!

My Fox Tampa Bay

Longer day proposed for struggling schools

February 23, 2012, My Fox Tampa Bay

American Reading Company is part of a sea change at Oscar J. Pope Elementary School in Polk County, Florida, where a longer school day means more time to participate in ACTION 100.

The Notebook

Afterschool Program Helps Students Climb to New Heights

February 7, 2012, The Notebook

It’s a natural pairing: ARC’s mission to get every child reading on or above grade level and Tree House Books’ desire to grow and sustain a community of readers, writers, and thinkers.

Advance for Occupational Therapy Practitioners

Literacy and Psychiatric Rehab

February 2, 2012, Advance for Occupational Therapy Practitioners

The literacy improvement project at Mainstay, the Resources for Human Development program headquartered in Philadelphia, makes use of assessment and reading materials from American Reading Company.

Casa Chirilagua

Starting the Year with the Gift of Reading

January 10, 2012, Casa Chirilagua

American Reading Company is proud to have worked closely with the Kids Club volunteers, providing materials and training to help them do their good work!

American Reading Company

A Holiday Poem from ARC

December 23, 2011, American Reading Company

Each year, American Reading Company’s Rick Michael shares one of his poems with with us about the holidays, reading, and ARC. It’s one of our favorite traditions.

Partnerships Work! A great story about the Eagles’ Youth Partnership and American Reading Company’s 100 BOOK CHALLENGE breaking the cycle of failure.

December 19, 2011,

Dennis' relationship with the Eagles really began in second grade at Smedley Elementary in Frankford. A new program had been started to encourage reading - The 100 Book Challenge - and the Eagles Youth Partnership soon supported it and funded it.

Action 12 News

Books Donated to Flood-Damaged School

October 25, 2011, Action 12 News

AMETEK Foundation and American Reading Company partner to rebuild 100 Book Challenge Program in Binghamton.

The State

SC Innovation Award Selects American Reading Company as Finalist

October 21, 2011, The State

The WhatWorksSC Award for Excellence is meant to recognize effective education programs in hopes they'll be copied or expanded statewide, organizers told The Associated Press this week.

Keystone Edge

Southeast PA companies partner to encourage thousands of students to read

August 11, 2011, Keystone Edge

For the last decade AMETEK, which makes advanced electronics, has partnered with the nearby American Reading Company, which designs reading materials and curricula for schools.

Clinton Elementary School

School Created Video Celebrates Reading Achievement

August 11, 2011, Clinton Elementary School

Embraced by teachers and students alike, 100 Book Challenge is a favorite part of every day at Clinton Elementary School in Lancaster, South Carolina, and the excitement is contagious.

ABC 6 News

Young authors in Camden debut their first book

August 9, 2011, ABC 6 News

Camden NJ's district wide summer reading research project prevents summer slide and preps all 2,800 elementary students for college rigor. National ABC affiliate breaks this great news and parent engaging results.

CBS Evening News

Turnaround Success Story in Camden, NJ

May 31, 2011, CBS Evening News

Watch the CBS Evening News special coverage of the turnaround success story now underway in Camden, New Jersey, where American Reading Company serves as a lead partner under the School Improvement Grant implementation.

American Reading Company

Expanding Horizons Through Reading

May 25, 2011, American Reading Company

At North Side Elementary School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, American Reading Company, UPS, and University of Phoenix have partnered to ensure that students are surrounded by books they love and that they get lots of opportunities to read and be read to e


Winnemucca School Still Making History

April 26, 2011, KOLO-TV

A beloved school with a proud past, present, and future, Winnemucca Grammar in northern Nevada is the storied home of students who are bursting with enthusiasm about the 100 Book Challenge!


AMETEK Reading Buddies Shine in Binghamton

March 23, 2011, AMETEK

For over ten years, AMETEK Reading Buddies have given the gift of their time to area elementary school students, while AMETEK has given the gift of 100 Book Challenge to the schools themselves.

The Lancaster News

Clinton Elementary Overcoming Challenges

March 18, 2011, The Lancaster News

Clinton Elementary School in Lancaster, South Carolina has become a model of success, and its story has been heralded recently in such places as Principal magazine.

Temple Israel—Akron, Ohio

Caring Community

March 8, 2011, Temple Israel—Akron, Ohio

Temple Israel in Akron, Ohio, has established itself as a key source of support for local schools that are participating in the 100 Book Challenge.


Extreme Makeover: Reading Edition

February 16, 2011, Principal

South Carolina principal Rachel Ray shares the story of the successful creation of a culture of reading in her school and students’ homes.


Moms Motivate Children to Excel in School

February 13, 2011, Courier-Post

As "Home Coaches," parents are given the structure and guidance they need to develop a culture of literacy in the home and support their children as they become enthusiastic readers--and better students.

Research for Action

Examining Literacy in Camden: RFA to Study American Reading Company Initiative

February 11, 2011, Research for Action

RFA turns its attention to American Reading Company's 100 Book Challenge and ACTION 100 initiatives to examine compelling literacy gains in Camden, New Jersey.

American Reading Company

When does a valued customer become a valued partner?

January 13, 2011, American Reading Company

When does a valued customer become a valued partner? Who knew? Higgs, Carter, King Gifted and Talented Charter Academy loves us! Thank you from your friends and partners at American Reading.

Crowley Star

Meadowcreek Stepping up for Reading

December 3, 2010, Crowley Star

Many parents of Meadowcreek Elementary School second- and third-graders in Bedford, Texas, have signed pledges to turn off the TV, cell phones, computers and video games for 30 minutes each night so the children can spend the time reading.

WIVT/WBGH Newschannel34

Binghamton Schools to Honor AMETEK Foundation for Reading Program Support

November 4, 2010, WIVT/WBGH Newschannel34

The Binghamton City School District hosted a Recognition Brunch recently to honor the AMETEK Foundation for its ten years of financial support and local AMETEK employees for their valuable time volunteering each week.

Camden City Public Schools

What Is the “We Love Books” Early Literacy Program?

October 28, 2010, Camden City Public Schools

American Reading Company in collaboration with Camden City Public Schools Office of Early Childhood has been and will be providing Early Literacy Parent Workshops for parents of preschool children during the 2010–2011 school year.

ABC 6 News

Ice Hawks Players Help Students Read

October 20, 2010, ABC 6 News

At Pinewood Elementary School in Rochester, Minnesota, kids are sharpening their reading skills and learning to love books with the help of the Rochester Ice Hawks and American Reading Company’s 100 Book Challenge.

Camden City Public Schools

Eagle Lands at H.B. Wilson School to Kick Off 100 Book Challenge

October 10, 2010, Camden City Public Schools

Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Jason Avant visited an excited crowd at H.B. Wilson Elementary School in Camden, New Jersey, to show his enthusiastic support for the school's participation in American Reading Company’s 100 Book Challenge.

Southern Chester County Weeklies

Oxford Successfully Achieves AYP at Elementary Level

October 7, 2010, Southern Chester County Weeklies

For the first time, all of the elementary level schools in the Oxford, PA, School District have made AYP, and the district has been recognized by the state as the eighth-highest achiever in improving test scores over the last six years.

El Nuevo Herlado

Promueven la lectura a temprana edad

September 29, 2010, El Nuevo Herlado

Raúl Yzaguirre School for Success charter school in Houston, Texas, recently kicked off the Action 100 program, distributing bags of books to students as they start down the path to a lifelong love of reading.

The Reading Challenge Is On!

September 18, 2010,

Students and families at Pinewood Elementary School in Rochester, Minnesota, recently celebrated the launch of American Reading Company’s 100 Book Challenge!

Oxford Area School District

Oxford Area School District Kicks Off 100 Book Challenge

September 17, 2010, Oxford Area School District

Shortly after the first day of school on August 30, students in the Oxford Area School District kicked off the second year of participation in the “100 Book Challenge,” part of the district’s partnership with the American Reading Company’s “Action 100.”

Oxford Area School District

District kicks off second year of "100 Book Challenge"

September 10, 2010, Oxford Area School District

Shortly after the first day of school on August 30, students in the Oxford Area School District kicked off the second year of participation in the “100 Book Challenge,” part of the district’s partnership with the American Reading Company’s “Action 100.”

The Independent

Massillon School District Credits 100 Book Challenge

September 3, 2010, The Independent

This year, the Massillon City School District climbed out of “Continuous Improvement” and earned an “Effective” rating from the Ohio Department of Education.

Teachers Become Characters in Push for Students to Read

August 31, 2010,

Teachers at Grove Park Elementary School dressed up as characters from their students’ favorite books for this year's 100 Book Challenge kick off event.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Low-ranking Pennsylvania schools seek School Improvement Grants

August 16, 2010, The Philadelphia Inquirer

In New Jersey, the state announced in June that $45 million in School Improvement Grants would go to 12 schools. Locally, two schools - Cramer Elementary and U.S. Wiggins Elementary in Camden - were selected to share $5.4 million.


North Side Elementary Students Amass 30,484 Hours of Reading Time During '100 Book Challenge'

August 1, 2010, Scholastic

When they put their minds to it, the 575 students at North Side Elementary School outside Harrisburg, Pa., know how to keep the reading light burning and the book pages turning.

The New York Times

The Medium Is the Medium

July 8, 2010, The New York Times

Recently, book publishers got some good news. Researchers gave 852 disadvantaged students 12 books (of their own choosing) to take home at the end of the school year. They did this for three successive years.

American Reading Company

Reluctant Reader Discovers ARC Press Books

June 21, 2010, American Reading Company

ARC Press author Trace Taylor recently visited a second grade classroom and met a reluctant reader who got hooked on a ARC Press books.

Akron Public Schools

Bettes Received National 100 Book Challenge Award

June 7, 2010, Akron Public Schools

Bettes Elementary School in Akron, Ohio was recognized as one of the American Reading Company's National Honor Roll schools for having 100 percent of its students on target for reading practice.


Eagles' Promise Sweetens Camden Reading Contest

May 2, 2010, Courier-Post

Reading can lead to more outdoor fun in Camden after the Eagles Youth Partnership has agreed to build a new turf field at the school whose students are the best-performing in this year's 100 Book Challenge.

Florida Today

Reading Challenge Gets Students into Books

April 11, 2010, Florida Today

Eleven-year-old Kiara Kitchen has already figured out the secret to success: Take something you love to do, do it very well, and reap the rewards.

American Reading Company

Turner Elementary School's 100 Book Challenge Rap

February 24, 2010, American Reading Company

Students at Turner Elementary School in Brevard County, Florida rap about 100 Book Challenge.

The Lancaster News

A Reward for Top Readers

January 25, 2010, The Lancaster News

Fourth graders rewarded for reading accomplishments with limousine ride.

Education Week

How Teachers Fail—and Thrive

January 6, 2010, Education Week

In her response to Thomas Newkirk’s book, Holding on to Good Ideas in a Time of Bad Ones, Mary Tedrow makes an eloquent appeal for teacher collaboration as the main bulwark with potential to support teachers through the challenges of teaching.

American Reading Company

A Holiday Poem from ARC

December 24, 2009, American Reading Company

Each year, American Reading Company’s Rick Michael shares one of his poems with with us about the holidays, reading, and ARC. It’s one of our favorite traditions.


100 Book Challenge Cited in Camden Literacy Gains

December 20, 2009, Courier-Post

8,000 kindergarten though eighth grade students have made leaps in their literacy comprehension through the 100 Book Challenge reading program in just a few months.

Camden City Public Schools

Action 100 Newsletter

December 16, 2009, Camden City Public Schools

Camden City Public Schools publishes the October/November issue of their Action 100 Newsletter.

Reading Research Quarterly

Comprehension Strategy Instruction in Core Reading Programs

December 10, 2009, Reading Research Quarterly

Effective instruction in comprehension strategies requires deliberate modeling by teachers through think-aloud accompanied by extensive guided practice (approximately 7 to 24 lessons) and independent practice.

Education Week

Who Should Decide What Students Read?

November 23, 2009, Education Week

Commentary by Dane L. Peters about encouraging young adults to read more.

American Reading Company

American Readers: Owen

November 10, 2009, American Reading Company

Watch Owen, age 2 years and 4 months, read Forever Young by Bob Dylan.

American Reading Company

Halloween Celebration at Marcus Hook Elementary School

November 2, 2009, American Reading Company

Teachers at Marcus Hook Elementary School celebrated Halloween by dressing up as 100 Book Challenge baskets.

Camden City Public Schools

District Launches 100 Book Challenge Program

October 28, 2009, Camden City Public Schools

To increase Language Arts Literacy in the schools, the district implemented the 100 Book Challenge Program.

Akron Beacon Journal

Dad Is Vital to 100 Book Challenge

September 24, 2009, Akron Beacon Journal

Destry Brooks, father of a 100 Book Challenge student, helps recruit other dads for the 100 Book Challenge kickoff.


Young Readers Take Challenge

September 15, 2009, Courier-Post

Camden City Public Schools unveils a $2 million reading initiative for all 8,000 of its kindergarten through eighth-grade students.

The Independent

100 Book Challenge: Middle School Students Getting More Library Time

September 11, 2009, The Independent

Teachers embrace 100 Book Challenge, a program designed to get children excited about reading because it targets their ability levels.

The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Schools OK Contract for ARC Materials

August 26, 2009, The Baltimore Sun

American Reading Company to supply reading materials and professional development for teachers in Title I schools

Congressman Joe Sestak

Congressman Sestak Visit with American Reading Company

August 14, 2009, Congressman Joe Sestak

Discussed positive impacts of ARC’s programs on reading achievement of our nation’s youth

Navajo-Hopi Observer

Little Singer Students Encouraged to Read More

August 11, 2009, Navajo-Hopi Observer

Principal and teachers attended a workshop on how to use ARC’s 100 Book Challenge program.


American Reading Company Supports Successful Adult OT Program

June 2, 2009, Advance

Occupational therapist Christine Silverman uses ARC assessment and reading materials as part of an adult literacy program.

Congressman Joe Sestak

Congressman Sestak Meets with ARC

April 13, 2009, Congressman Joe Sestak

Congressman Joe Sestak (PA-07) met with Jane Hileman, the CEO and Founder of American Reading Company, to discuss ARC’s 100 Book Challenge to encourage kids to read.

Higgs, Carter, King, Gifter & Talented Charter Academy

100 Book Challenge® School Identified As #1 Middle School for Achieving Highest Gains for Middle School Students

March 5, 2009, Higgs, Carter, King, Gifter & Talented Charter Academy

Nationally recognized and honored by New Leaders for New Schools’ Effective Practice Incentive Community (EPIC)

The Baltimore County Public Schools

Research Labs Help Woodmoor Elementary School Students Understand Nature

March 4, 2009, The Baltimore County Public Schools

Students in Room 18 have become experts on bugs, a subject they have research with great interest.

Southwest Globe Times

A Reading Challenge at Comegys

February 19, 2009, Southwest Globe Times

Teachers and students at B. B. Comegys Elementary School are enthusiastic about 100 Book Challenge.


Program Instills Love of Reading in Students

February 5, 2009, Gazette.Net

100 Book Challenge encourages and rewards reading.

The Baltimore Sun

A Little Independence Takes Pupils a Long Way

January 21, 2009, The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore County Public Schools implements 100 Book Challenge and Research Labs.

South Carolina Department of Education

100 Book Challenge School in the Palmetto State Recognized for Superior Student Achievement

January 9, 2009, South Carolina Department of Education

Code Elementary School honored for Reducing the Achievement Gap

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