Biology Summer Semester

Biology Summer Semester K & 1

The Curriculum Educators Want for Their Own Children

Perfect for Gifted & Talented, ELL, dual language, bilingual, special education, and every other child who is ready to learn to read.

4 Week Unit of Study for Kindergarten or Beginning First Grade

Students will:

  • Learn to read
  • Learn to write
  • Become experts on Oceans, Forests, and Savannas

Teachers will:

  • Integrate science, language arts, and arts standards
  • Monitor, support, and document individual student progress using formative assessment
  • Enjoy the security of daily scripts based on research-based best practices

Common Core Formative Assessment

Two Languages, One System. ARC’s State-of-the-Art Formative Assessment Framework built on the CCSS.

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Available Themes & Levels

More than 50 Science and Social Studies thematic units are available for grades ranging from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

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A full day of staff development is included when districts purchase 5 or more modules.

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