CCSS Leveled Classroom LibrariesMulticultural Leveled Libraries Provide Access, Equity, and Safe Learning Environments for All Students and Families

CCSS Library Baskets

The Best Literary and Informational Texts Leveled to the Common Core State Standards Selected from More Than 250 Publishers.

Common Core State Standards

ARC integrates the Common Core State Standards for reading acquisition with a deep knowledge of the demands of literature and informational text for students in Grades PreK through 12.

Wide Reading and Text Complexity

More than 115,000 books from over 250 publishers have been reviewed and leveled, allowing American Reading Company to create the best, most comprehensive leveled collections on the market.

Multileveled, Multisourced, Multiperspective

American Reading Company has been on a mission since 1998 to find virtually every good book in print for children, with a special focus on books about historically underrepresented people. Each basket is carefully designed by our in-house reading specialists to ensure balance of boy/girl interest, balance of fiction/nonfiction, and representation of diversity.

All students will find themselves and their families represented in each of the baskets of books. American Reading Company goes to great lengths to reflect multiple perspectives in all of our collections, emphasizing the experiences of African Americans, Asian Americans, North American Indians, and Latinos, as well as people of all classes and both genders.

ARC has located more than 4,000 kid-tested African American titles, and an additional 5,500 multicultural titles which form the centerpiece of the reading experience in our partner schools. In addition, because there were so few multicultural titles available for very beginning readers, ARC created its own publishing company and has produced 500+ titles for beginning readers.

Multicultural Leveled Libraries

Formative Assessment Framework for Teaching and Learning Built on Common Core State Standards

The Independent Reading Level Assessment (IRLA) is a unified standards-based framework for student assessment, text leveling, and curriculum and instruction. The IRLA includes every Common Core Standard for Reading, both in literature and informational text, as well as those Language standards key to reading success, for students in grades PreK through 12.

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Science & Social Studies

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Common Core Formative Assessment

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