Best Books for Girls

“If we don’t give children books that are literary mirrors as well as windows to the whole world of possibility, if these books don’t give them the opportunity to see outside themselves, then how can we expect them to grow into adults who connect in meaningful ways to a global community, to people who might look or live differently than they? We cannot.”

—Kwame Alexander

At American Reading Company, we believe that every child deserves books that are both mirrors that celebrate their own culture, and windows into the diversity of our world.

These multi-level 50-book collections have been hand-selected to feature girls and women of color, honoring their histories, celebrating their contributions, and reflecting their unique and varied identities and experiences. Featuring authentic "own voices" titles, these independent reading collections include the best fiction, non-fiction, and poetry available on the publishing market, and are sure to leave students feeling both proud and inspired.

To learn more about the Best Books for Girls at each grade band, we've created a visual guide which includes representative titles. Click on any grade level below to view more details.

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