Exemplar Text Packs

Looking for a carefully sequenced set of short texts that build on each other in terms of both content and text complexity? Where reprint permissions have already been acquired?

American Reading Company offers more than 20 Exemplar Text Packs, each designed for a specific grade-band and on a specific Science or Social Studies Topic. Student editions are simply the full color texts, bound as a packet. Write your own tasks or purchase available teacher editions that include text complexity analysis and suggested text dependent questions.

Exemplar Text Packs

  • Developed to address one coherent unit of core science concepts (e.g., animal adaptations) using both the science practices and content of the Next Generation Science Standards.

  • Student packs provide physical copies of all texts so every student can practice close reading and marking up text.

  • Student Edition $10/each or $7.50/each for 1,000+.

Available Themes

2nd/3rd Grade
Bugs and Their Ecosystems
Weather & Climate

4th/5th Grade
Animal Adaptations

6th-8th Grade
Human Body

Teacher Edition

  • Assessment-ready exemplar passages at or above grade-level text complexity, including quantitative, qualitative, and reader and task analysis for each text.

  • Model close reading lessons provide teachers with examples of rigorous tasks with built-in scaffolded support for students at a range of reading levels.

  • Teacher Edition $100/each with Purchase of Student Editions.

Available Themes & Levels

More than 50 Science and Social Studies thematic units are available for grades ranging from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

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