Genre Studies Text Sets

RESEARCH LABS: Genre Studies are literature instruction for the era of the Common Core. Genre Studies ensure every teacher implements the 3 Instructional Shifts of the Common Core every day. Teachers use of a grade-level core novel in the genre to provide rigorous instruction in literary analysis, ELA CCSS, and academic vocabulary.

Immerse your students in the study of a literary genre through both the best books in this genre and informational texts of the sort authors use when they research and write in this genre (e.g., Adventure Literature and Informational Texts on Survival).

Leveled libraries of books in the genre as well as informational text related to the genre and a carefully structured project based learning format provide the differentiated support needed to ensure every student is successful.

Available Genre Studies

Genre Theme Informational Text Companion 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6/7th 8th HS
Genre Study
Family Stories Families
Animal Stories Animals
Sports Fiction Sports
Traditional Tales World Cultures
American Historical Fiction American History See below
- Early American Historical Fiction Early America (up through the Civil War)
- Modern American Historical Fiction Modern America (1890 to the present)
Adventure Survival
African American Literature African American History
Horror Phobias
Mystery Forensic Science
Science Fiction Science Frontiers
Realistic Contemporary Fiction Teen Issues
Greek & Roman Myths Classical Civilizations
World Mythology Ancient Civilizations
Fantasy Societies and Governments
World Historical Fiction World History
Dystopian Literature Contemporary Issues
Memoir Writing
Romance The Science of Relationships
Spanish Genre Themes 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Genre Study
Historias de la familia (+ Familias)
Historias de animales (+ Animales)
Cuentos tradicionales (+ Culturas del mundo)
Literatura Latina (+ Herencia latina)
Narrativas personales (+ Bigrafía)
Ficción realista (+ Cuestinoes sociales)
Aventura (+ Supervivencia)
Ficción deportiva (+ Deportes)

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Common Core Formative Assessment

Two Languages, One System. ARC’s State-of-the-Art Formative Assessment Framework built on the CCSS.

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Teach Elements of a Genre

Each student engages in a carefully scaffolded, extended research project, taking a final written product in the selected genre through the entire writing process from note-making to publication.

Unit of Study

Teachers use a novel or a set of short stories in the selected genre to teach students to read literature and write literary analysis essays. Students will engage in informational research on the companion topic to gain the expertise necessary to create their own narratives in the genre. A genre card and graphic organizers structure the teaching and application of the Common Core Standards to literature.

Grade Level Complex Text

Teachers provide grade-level rigor through the use of complex text to teach literature in one genre, ELA CCSS, and academic vocabulary.

Leveled Texts

Students are immersed in a genre through a leveled library of literature and informational texts of the sort authors use when they research and write in this genre.

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