Kindergarten to Third Grade Social Studies Text SetsInfuse Social Studies Content Into Your Literacy Block as Early as Kindergarten

The K-3 Social Studies text sets will help increase students’ informational text experience, as called for by the Common Core Instructional Shifts. Each theme includes a read aloud basket for delivery of grade-level content, as well as independent reading baskets for differentiation.

Independent Reading Yellow to Red

The teacher read aloud collection is a set of 25 anchor titles, on or above grade level, that have been selected for their exemplary quality in craft, content delivery, and format. Thematic texts at students’ independent levels engage young children in content-area study while providing opportunities for practice with CCSS Foundational Skills and Reading Standards.

Available themes and baskets
Theme K-1
Read Aloud
Read Aloud
Maps & Globes
Myself & Others
Wants & Needs
Civics & Government
Then & Now

Maps & Globes (Geography): Includes physical and human features of communities large and small.

Myself and Others: Includes everyday routines and traditions across cultures in the home, school, and community.

Wants & Needs (Economics): Includes careers, resources, goods & services, buying & selling, and supply & demand.

Civics & Government: Includes the role of a good citizen, citizens’ rights and responsibilities, rule- and law-making and the role of authority in communities.

Then & Now (American History): Includes important symbols & holidays celebrating key contributors in US History, as well as personal (family) histories.

Common Core Formative Assessment

Two Languages, One System. ARC’s State-of-the-Art Formative Assessment Framework built on the CCSS.

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Available Themes & Levels

More than 50 Science and Social Studies thematic units are available for grades ranging from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

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