Graphic Novels

Become your students’ favorite superhero when you show them our Graphic Novel Collection. Featured are the best in comic books, comic strips, adaptations of literary classics, myths, biographies, and exciting historical events, as well as unique literary graphic novels. This collection will renew your students’ excitement in reading and give them super-human proficiency and stamina.

Leveled Text Sets

  • Best books in print selected from 250+ publishers
  • High-interest nonfiction titles, reading levels K–12th grade
  • Leveled based on National Standards for Reading
  • Customized to your students’ reading levels
  • Available in Spanish for select Text Sets only

Student Research Cards

  • The front of each card has content standards-based questions to guide individual and collective learning
  • The back of each card has academic vocabulary essential to the study of this subject

See our collection of books authored and illustrated by students.

Theme Grade Kindergarten 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-10 11-12
1–3Y 1G 2G 1B 2B 1R 2R Wt Bk Or Pu 1Br 2Br Si Gl
Graphic Novels 5+ 2B-2R Wt Bk Or Pu 1Br-Gl

Leveled Thematic Classroom Library

5 baskets (100 titles)

Available in Spanish for select Text Sets only

Leveled Thematic Text Set

1 basket (20 titles)

Available in Spanish for select Text Sets only

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