eIRLA: Electronic Independent Reading Level Assessment Real-time formative assessment built on the Common Core State Standards

An online formative assessment tool that measures student achievement in real time to drive instruction.

Using embedded assessment, teachers identify the skills that each student has mastered and which ones he/she needs to do next.

The eIRLA supports all of American Reading Company's classroom-ready solutions and is included in SchoolPace.®

Electronically Measures Highest Levels of Text Complexity a Student Can Master Based on the CCSS

The eIRLA is a comprehensive online tool that measures students' skill-by-skill achievement using the Common Core State Standards for reading literary and informational text.

There is no room to fail. With complete transparency, every teacher and administrator knows which students are achieving, which students need differentiated instruction, and exactly what to do and say.

  • eIRLA identifies which Common Core State Standards each student has mastered, and to what degree.
  • Data travels with each student from classroom to classroom, school to school, and year to year.
  • Teachers can collaboratively add notes and history and share in the assessment process.

The eIRLA is web-based and is embedded in the SchoolPace® student achievement dashboard. It can be accessed via either a supported web browser on a PC/Mac computer or on a tablet device that supports HTML5, such as the iPad.

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