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The ENIL Foundational Skills Toolkit, (Herramientas para el desarrollo de Destrezas fundamentales) is designed to provide intensive word work for small groups of students who have demonstrated a need for specific skills in reading in Spanish, levels K–2.

This Toolkit provides mini-lessons and instructional strategies to help teachers implement code-focused instruction. Students receive explicit instruction in phonological awareness, high-frequency word development, and phonics—including letter-sound correspondences, syllable decoding from the simplest to the most complex, and spelling patterns that are not transparent in Spanish. Problem-solving strategies and careful attention to words and text as vehicles for meaning are intentionally part of every lesson, encouraging students to be meaning-making agents of their own learning.

Available for Common Core and TEKS.

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How It Works

The ENIL Toolkits provides specific small-group strategy lessons to match the ENIL's developmental reading taxonomy. Simply put: The ENIL identifies the WHAT (each child needs to learn next) and the toolkit delivers the HOW (to teach it).

Explicit lessons and hands-on tools provide systematic instruction that builds developmentally. The ENIL Toolkits allow teachers to change from traditional static guided reading groups to a model where students move from group to group as they master specific skills allows students to move at different paces and delivers better results for struggling subgroups.

Guided Reading sets included in the ENIL Toolkits are selected to teach specific skills at each stage of reading acquisition. Guided Reading Lessons include decoding practice, text specific questions, spelling, and phonics lessons.

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