IRLA ToolkitsSupport Small-Group Skills Instruction

IRLA and Foundational Skills Toolkits

Help teachers make the shift to delivering Foundational Skills instruction in flexible, strategic small-groups. The IRLA Toolkits and Foundational Skills Toolkits enable teachers to provide differentiated, targeted, and efficient skills instruction embedded into one-on-one conferences and strategy plans.

Available for Common CoreTEKS and VA SOL.

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Foundational Skills Toolkits Overview

How It Works

The IRLA Toolkits provides specific small-group strategy lessons to match the IRLA’s developmental reading taxonomy. Simply put: The IRLA identifies the WHAT (each child needs to learn next) and the toolkit delivers the HOW (to teach it).

Explicit lessons and hands-on tools provide systematic instruction that builds developmentally. The IRLA Toolkits allow teachers to change from traditional static guided reading groups to a model where students move from group to group as they master specific skills allows students to move at different paces and delivers better results for struggling subgroups.

Guided Reading sets included in the IRLA Toolkits are selected to teach specific skills at each stage of reading acquisition. Guided Reading Lessons include decoding practice, text specific questions, spelling, and phonics lessons.

Measurement Incorporated Supports Claims of IRLA Effectiveness

In a 2014 study conducted by Measurement Incorporated, an industry leader in delivering research and evaluation services to educational institutions, experts and practitioners alike agree that the IRLA® formative assessment framework does indeed offer a multitude of benefits for students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

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IRLA Report Overview: Ten Proven Claims

Summary of the Research Base for the IRLA Sequence of Skills


Atlantic City Charter School

With ongoing professional development, grade-level instruction with project-based learning, increased strategic intervention for students struggling with Foundational Skills, Atlantic City Community Charter School ended the school year 2015–2016 with 80% of students able to read grade-level text with basic comprehension.

What Users are Saying

"The Foundational Skills Toolkit is a wonderful tool to help empower teachers on how to help bridge the gap between what our students know and what they don't know. The Foundational Skills Toolkit provides teachers with the material and lessons to meet each student's needs using the same language and system."
—Leah Perrucci, School-Based Teacher Leader
Bayard Taylor Elementary School, PA

"Now that I have the Foundational Skills Tool Kits my reading instruction is a lot more structured and I know exactly where my students are performing and how to bring my students to the next level."
–Gabrielle Miller, Kindergarten Teacher
Atlantic City Charter School

"With the IRLA, I look forward to assessing my students because of the wealth of relevant information I glean about my young readers."
—Catherine Crenshaw, Fourth Grade Teacher
Beaverton, Oregon

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