IRLA Starter Kit Differentiated Support to Assess, Teach, and Accelerate Reading Levels

Know Where Your Students Are and What They Need to Do Next

The Independent Reading Level Assessment Framework (IRLA) is the essential diagnostic and formative assessment tool that enables teachers to use the Common Core to establish a baseline reading level and outline a course of remediation, acceleration, or maintenance for each child and his/her family. This module is stripped down to only the absolute essentials.

Reading Acquisition Skills Cards serve as family-friendly versions of each IRLA level, outlining the skills, standards, and habits students need to master at that level.

Rotating Common Core leveled classroom libraries put authentic trade books color-coded to each IRLA level at the fingertips of teachers and students, giving each student instant access to just-right text for independent practice, coaching, and conferencing. Also available for TEKS and Virginia SOL.

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