Spanish Products

American Reading Company offers a Currículo Común Integrado (K-5) that provides the Spanish parity districts are searching for.

Our instructional materials, professional development, incentive programs, and digital data-tracking system all serve to support achieving the goal of every student (Spanish- and/or English-speaking) performing on or above grade level.

Use thematic inquiry and beautiful nonfiction to engage students in research-focused reading, writing, and learning, and allow teachers to provide truly differentiated instruction for Spanish speaking students. Compañeros Collections also available for select English Themes.

One tool that works with every student, at every reading level, K-12, the Evaluación del nivel independiente de lectura® is a student-driven formative assessment. Used during instruction, the ENIL shows teachers where readers are, where they need to go next, and the steps in between.

Our leveled classroom collections are built from an extensive database of every book in Spanish for K-12, from US as well as international publishers, to reflect the richness and diversity of the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures.

100 BOOK CHALLENGE is a structured independent reading system for home and school with built-in multitiered supports ensuring 100% of students are reading on or above grade level. Students read 30 minutes in school and 30 minutes at home, tracking their reading practice on their reading logsheets.

SUMMER SEMESTER is an intensive reading intervention using close reading of informational text with nonfiction writing to develop academic vocabulary, background knowledge, and test preparedness and proficiency.

Provide intensive word work for small groups of students who have demonstrated a need for specific decoding skills in reading levels K–2.

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