Colloquia Effective RtI Using Common Core Standards—Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day

ARC Colloquium Series

Integrated Balanced Literacy

From Balanced Literacy to Transformative Literacy

The two most powerful instructional design factors for improving reading motivation and comprehension are giving students access to many books and letting them choose what to read. To progress as readers, students must have ample time every day to read a lot, and they must have texts they can read independently. Unfortunately, most basal reading programs offer an insufficient volume of text to build fluency and comprehension and do not build students’ independence, expertise, and knowledge.

During this session, participants will:

  • Explore the components of an effective integrated balanced literacy block
  • Understand how to build students' background knowledge through teacher Read-Aloud, small-group instruction, and high-volume independent reading and writing
  • Design an integrated literacy block for their classrooms and/or school
  • Walk through a model of a balanced literacy curriculum that received all green from EdReports

Building the Foundation From What Students Know

Foundational Skills Instruction in a Student-Centered Classroom

Application of foundational skills (e.g., phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency) is an essential component of ALL proficient reading.

During this session, participants will consider the challenges of meeting the varied instructional needs of students who’ve not yet mastered the foundational skills.

Participants will explore:

  • A research-based developmental taxonomy of foundational skills
  • A flexible small-group instructional model built from what students already know and need to learn next
  • Examples of responsive foundational skills lessons

Early Literacy

Maximize the Potential of Early Literacy

Why wait until 3rd grade? All students can be reading on or beyond grade level by the end of 1st grade. Learn how!

During this session, the participants will:

  • Explore the effects of early literacy development
  • Consider systems and practices that promote robust early literacy instruction and intervention
  • Identify next steps for immediate action

Assessing Text Complexity Using the Common Core Standards

The CCS require teaching students to negotiate increasing levels of text complexity. Learn what those levels are in order to teach to them.

During this session, the participants will:

  • Introduction to the Common Core and the issue of text complexity
  • Walk-through of a CCS leveling system for assessing text complexity using videos and books
  • Hands-on practice using this system to assess text complexity

Leveling the Playing Field

Evaluating Spanish Text Complexity

This hands-on presentation will engage participants in evaluating text complexity in Spanish using Standards-based qualitative measures that are authentic and consistent with the developmental stages of reading acquisition in Spanish.

During this session, the participants will:

  • Examine currently available measures of text complexity and the demands of college- and career-level texts
  • Analyze texts through the lens of a developmental reading taxonomy designed around inherent Spanish language features
  • Be better equipped to incorporate into their grade-level and differentiated instruction multicultural, multiperspective, multisourced leveled materials that meet the needs of the emergent bilingual population in their classrooms

Avoiding Solutionitis

Using Improvement Science to Ensure Long-Term Results

When faced with important and pressing problems, we are often tempted to jump straight to solutions before deeply understanding the problem itself. This interactive session will provide an introduction to the principles of improvement science, hands-on activities with key improvement tools, and a case study of how this approach has been applied in improving literacy systems and outcomes.

Participants will:

  • Learn to develop a disciplined approach to identifying a specific problem
  • Analyze the current literacy system that produces the problem in order to create system-wide change
  • Get practical advice on establishing a culture that supports collective learning and improvement
  • Engage in a broader discussion of how to investigate contextual problems and respond with systematic changes

Effective RtI Using Common Core Standards—Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day

All teachers, PreK–12, can accelerate student progress in reading and writing using the principles of RtI and CCS.

The session will describe an RtI full-accountability model that is grounded in current research and educational trends.

Participants will explore:

  • The role of Common Core Standards in Response to Intervention
  • Best practices aligned to a successful Response to Intervention framework
  • Expert Grade-Level Instruction and differentiated support across a wide range of reading levels
  • Bowie State University, MD
  • University of Missouri—Columbia, MO
  • St. Francis College, NY
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Conference
  • National Association for Bilingual Education Conference
  • Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference
  • South Carolina Association of School Administrators
  • Georgia Association of Educational Leaders Summer Conference
  • NJ Principals and Supervisors Association, NJ
  • Innovative Ideas Institute, SC
  • Seneca Highlands Intermediate Unit, PA
  • Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County, OH
  • FEA/NJPSA/NJASCD Fall Conference, NJ
  • Texas Association for Bilingual Education Conference
  • Colorado Association for Bilingual Education Conference
  • California Association for Bilingual Education Conference
  • Washington Association for Bilingual Education Conference
  • Louisiana Charter School Conference
  • Mount Mary University, Milwaukee, WI
  • Chesapeake College, MD
  • RESA III, Dunbar, WV
  • UCLA EDGE-ucator Conference, Los Angeles, CA
  • Title I Conference
  • International Literacy Association Conference
  • Bilingual Education Emphasizing Math and Science Conference
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth Biliteracy Student Achievement Summit
  • Louisiana Teacher Leader Summit
  • Oregon Association of Latino Administrators Conference
  • La Cosecha Dual Language Conference
  • Louisiana Reading Association Conference

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