Books in Hand

Books in Hand

Make the 3 Shifts
to College and Career Readiness

American Reading Company can put the right BOOKS in HAND to fulfill all of your curricular needs. Our team of expert Librarians and Reading Specialists can design the perfect collection of texts and resources to support whole-group instruction, small-group instruction, and differentiated support with a variety of leveled library configurations to suit your needs.

Our BOOKS in HAND service allows partners to pick their Core Texts, Read-Alouds, and Small-Group Texts, if desired. ARC’s Curriculum & Instruction team utilizes our database of more than 150,000 titles and coordinates with more than 250 publishers to find the best books that match the curriculum’s needs. We then provide the district team with a shopping experience that allows them to, in consultation with ARC Curriculum experts, sift through the options and make the final decisions.

Choose from a range of ready-made options or custom solutions:

Our core texts, exemplar texts, and curated text sets include the best titles available from more than 250 publishers in both English and Spanish. All sets are leveled for text complexity according to rigorous college and career readiness standards for English Language Arts.

ARC has provided complete, classroom-ready text set development to districts across the country including New York City, Boston, District of Columbia, Baltimore City, Fresno, Houston, Chicago, and Clark County, NV, to name a few.

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