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Read to Succeed

As you develop and implement your Read to Succeed plans with fidelity, our team is prepared to support you in creating conditions for high academic success. As partners in educational solutions, American Reading Company and The Peters Group provide knowledge, research, and operating systems that empower principals, teachers, students, parents, and communities to perform at the highest possible level. Our team stands ready to assist you in moving your schools forward in this transformation process.

With American Reading Company and The Peters Group as your partners, your comprehensive proficiency plans for the Read to Succeed Act will ensure every student achieves reading proficiency by third grade. We have committed our time and staff to help fulfill a vision of school transformation with Common Core Formative Assessment and a Student Growth model to ensure that teachers know where their students are and what they need to do next for accelerated reading achievement.

Action 100: Smart School DNA - Standard Operating Procedures

Read to Succeed Act American Reading Component

Document Reading Assessment and Instruction Planned for All Students PreK-12

The Independent Reading Level Assessment, built on the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, used in conjunction with Instructional Frameworks and daily real-time data tracker, SchoolPace.

Include Support for Parents

Parent and caregiver training for establishing home academic routines is provided with support tools: Skills Cards, reading logs, and behavioral recommendations.

Monitoring of Teaching Achievement at Classroom, Schools, and District Levels, as Well as Interventions Used.

Individualized Action Plans and grade group meetings at the Data Wall ensure students, teachers, and parents know what interventions have been put in place and are monitoring the effectiveness of those interventions.

Document the Amount of Time Students Spend Reading and Writing

Data management tool provides transparency of reading practice in school and at home for every student.

Various Texts Over Wide Range of Genres

A database of 90,000 of the best books in print, leveled to the Common Core State Standards, reflects a wide range of topics and the diversity of all readers. Collections include a 60/40 informational text and literary text ratio.

Teacher Training Opportunities

45 highly skilled Executive Coaches ensure that every classroom teacher becomes a reading expert. Certificates of Expertise are awarded based on student data.

Partnerships With Community on Improving Reading/Literacy

United Way, AMETEK, Annie B. Casey Foundation, Eagles Youth Partnership, Target, Ask Dr. Sears, and various city-wide literacy initiatives work in partnership with American Reading Company to involve the community in improving literacy.

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