ARC's State-of-the-Art Formative Assessment Framework Built on TEKS

Comprehensive TEKS Curriculum, K–12

ARC Core is a basal alternative designed to turn balanced literacy into transformative literacy for both students and teachers. Organized into thematic units, ARC Core provides flexibility for each district to customize its scope and sequence. Available K–12 in English and Spanish.

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Organized into thematic units, ARC Core provides flexibility
for each district to customize its scope and sequence.

ARC Core® Kindergarten

ARC Core Kindergarten incorporates all the best practices of thematic inquiry with the best practices of early childhood instruction. Kindergarten students learn grade-level (and above) science content as well as specific beginning reading skills as they learn to read, write, and think like researchers.

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Spanish Solutions

American Reading Company offers a Currículo Común Integrado (K-5) that provides the Spanish parity districts are searching for.

Our instructional materials, professional development, incentive programs, and digital data-tracking system all serve to support achieving the goal of every student (Spanish- and/or English-speaking) performing on or above grade level.

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ARC Solutions

As part of ARC Core, or purchased independently, ARC's solutions provide districts and schools with the tools and best practices to accelerate student achievement.

Formative Reading Assessment


The Independent Reading Level Assessment (IRLA) is a unified, standards-based framework for student assessment, text leveling, and curriculum and instruction. The (ENIL) parallels the IRLA while reflecting the different developmental stages of learning to read in Spanish in the lower grades.



SchoolPace® is an online management system that provides student performance data for teachers, school administrators, and district administrators. SchoolPace allows stakeholders to monitor a student's rate of reading growth in order to intervene early.

Classroom Libraries

More than 150,000 titles from 220+ publishers have been reviewed by our team of reading specialists and librarians to create more than 1,000 hand-selected collections. Each basket is carefully designed by our in-house reading specialists to ensure balance of boy/girl interest, balance of fiction/nonfiction, and representation of diversity.

Professional Development

ARC Executive Coaches work side by side with district and school leaders as they organize all stakeholders around critical evidence of student learning. Additionally, ARC Coaches work with teachers in their own classrooms as they integrate the TEKS into their daily practice. All ARC professional development is structured around a gradual release model.

Summer Semester

Summer Semester is an intensive reading intervention using close reading of informational text with nonfiction writing to develop academic vocabulary, background knowledge, and test preparedness and proficiency.

100 Book Challenge

The 100 Book Challenge is a structured formative assessment system for home and school. Rotating Classroom Libraries provide daily practice in texts at the appropriate level of challenge, in school and at home.


Incorporate formative assessment and differentiated support with the IRLA/ENIL starter kit. As part of an Integrated Literacy block, your teachers will use the IRLA/ENIL as a tool for assessment, coaching, and instruction, and leveled libraries to support a variety of reading levels in one classroom.

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