Transformative Literacy—An Overview

Get to know American Reading Company's comprehensive core curriculum. Watch how teachers use thematic inquiry, independent reading and writing, and formative assessment together to increase student proficiency.

Small Group

Small Group Lesson

ARCTalks 2015 - What is Driving You?

Featured speakers delivered a series of ARCTALKS at the Superintendents Summit at American Reading Company Headquarters in King of Prussia, May 6th 2015. View all ARCTalks.

Get to Know American Reading Company

Watch how American Reading Company is making a substantial difference across the country in schools like Cramer College Preparatory Lab School in Camden, New Jersey.

Literacy as the Lever for School Transformation

Hear how one principal is using American Reading Company and changing the lives of her middle school students.

Summer Semester

SUMMER SEMESTER is an intensive reading intervention using close reading of informational text with nonfiction writing to develop academic vocabulary, background knowledge, and test preparedness and proficiency. Project-based learning stimulates and challenges students to read like detectives and write like reporters. Students build knowledge of the world they live in today and acquire literacy skills for tomorrow.

SchoolPace & ARC Bookshelf

SchoolPace® is an online performance management system. Teachers, school administrators, and district administrators can access dashboards, reports, and graphics that show detailed information about reading progress. SchoolPace gives real-time, actionable insight into the volume of reading being completed, the amount of growth being made, and which reading standards are being mastered.

ARC Bookshelf is a subscription eBook service that provides an all-access pass to English and Spanish digital books for Kindergarten and first grade, organized and leveled using the Common Core State Standards.

Professional Development

American Reading Company Executive Coaches work with school- and district-level Leadership Teams early and often to ensure that achievement targets are met.

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